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Joe Ramos, CEO

Letter from the CEO

Tax Planning Update



Due to the current economy, an increasing number of individuals are going back to school to improve their technical or professional skills, qualify for advancement, bring home higher paychecks, or simply improve their quality of life. While tuition is expensive, you may be able to offset some of the expense by claiming a deduction for your work-related educational expenses on your tax return. We take a closer look at the rules in Work-Related Educational Expenses: Are They Deductible?

Buying a house, condo, or other form of real estate as an investment can be lucrative, even in the current housing market. Financing the deal and selling the real estate quickly, however, could prove more challenging. In addition, there are tax issues to consider. Even those investors who are able to realize a profit on the sale of properties may find that taxes take a big bite out of their gains. We examine the issues in Flipping Real Estate: Consider the Tax Consequences.

Finally, when it comes to paying Federal income taxes, does one plus one always equal two? In The Price of Love: Paying the Marriage Penalty, we discuss the tax implications of matrimony, the pros and cons of filing separately, and ways to make the marriage penalty work for you.

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