Our Clients


Private Capital Management provides wealth management services to high net worth families, executives, and business owners. Over 90% of our clients have come to us from referrals by other clients or their advisors.

Whether you are accumulating wealth, nearing retirement, or considering multigenerational planning, we can develop an integrated wealth management strategy to help you preserve and maximize your family's wealth for generations to come.

Many of our clients are business owners and are looking for ways to maximize the return from their business both today and in the future. Several of our clients are executives of public companies with restricted stock or concentrated wealth that require complex hedging and diversification planning. Many clients have complex compensation and benefits packages that require a keen expertise and understanding of deferred compensation plans, stock options plans, restricted securities, and the tax and securities issues related to each. Others have large real estate holdings that need to be optimized for better cash flow in a tax efficient manner.